Made in the USA!

Most people are aware of the current economic conditions that are partly created from the effects of manufacturing jobs being sent overseas.  This corporate policy is proving to benefit the bottom line of many businesses; however the impact it has had on the country’s workforce has been severe.

The dental field has not been immune to this business policy as well.  Most people would be surprised to find out that the lab work provided by many dentists is being shipped overseas, mostly to China, to be fabricated.  This not only takes away opportunities from well-trained American lab technicians, but there is a significant risk in the quality of materials being returned since regulation and oversight is not able to be trusted.  Incidences of toxic toys, contaminated food, and defective clothing have been seen from this manufacturing situation.

We at Sloop Dental take great pride in having all of our lab work either done here in house or fabricated in the Chicago area. In a competing market of dentists where it is important to save at every opportunity this is one area where we refuse to cave to economic pressures.    Besides having American made products, we are also able to have constant communication with the lab to provide the highest level of product possible.

When it comes to something that is being permanently placed into your mouth, please make sure it is MADE IN THE USA.

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