Superbowls and Super Birthdays

jj_NewAs we all know, the Super Bowl was this past Sunday. Whether you were rooting for the Seahawks or the Broncos, I think we all could have agreed that the game may have been more exciting had there been a closer score.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, Sunday didn’t pan out as well as they had hoped. We do know one little guy, however, that had a wonderful Sunday. Dr. Allen’s son, JJ, celebrated his 1st birthday this past Super Bowl Sunday.

It was a great day for the Allen family. Lots of food, new toys, tons of family and a whole lot of cake! We all wish JJ a very happy 1st birthday!

With a lot of young families in the area, as well as a lot of our current patients with little ones at home; a lot of people ask us when is the appropriate time to start bringing your child the dentist?

By age 2 children should begin regular dental check-ups and cleanings.  Early dental care is very important in detecting potential developmental problems, teaching the importance of good home care, and introducing children to the dental office without the fear of pain or discomfort.

While dental exams are recommended by age 2, dental care at home is recommended at the time the first tooth erupts into the mouth.  Daily wiping of the teeth will help prevent cavities as well as introduce your child to cleaning their mouth.  This may be very difficult to do at first, but over time most children begin to become more accepting of the feeling.  This becomes very beneficial when the need to begin brushing their teeth is required.

If you are unsure if your little one is ready to sit in the dentist chair, be the role model for them! Next time you are due for your cleaning or checkup, bring your son or daughter along for the appointment. Having them see the office and meet the doctor and hygienist in a non-threatening setting allows for there to be a positive association with dental appointments.  We will also address any questions or concerns you may have concerning your child.

We are here to help make your family’s teeth healthy and strong!