Spring Cleaning


It’s that time of year…well, at least for a dental cleaning.

Despite the fact that our lovely city still feels like we are in the midst of the longest winter in history, spring cleaning routines are in full swing.

It’s a great time of the year to get organized. With taxes behind us, we can focus on finally taking care of some things that we know we have all put off during the cruel winter.

Semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings are not usually the first thing on people’s
“to do” list, however, they are no less important. Having a healthy routine of seeing the dentist every six month helps you maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Even if you are good about brushing twice daily and flossing, it is always recommended that you visit the dentist every six months to make sure there are no other concerns or issues. It is better to be proactive about your dental care than reactive. Being proactive usually saves you some money too!

So make that cleaning appointment, if you haven’t already, and you’ll have a clean and healthy smile ready for the summer ahead!

Daddy Dentist…again!


It’s a girl!!

On Friday March 28th Dr. Allen and his wife, Tina,
welcomed their second child, Brianna Rose Allen. She was born at 9:48am at
Northwestern Prentice Women’s Hospital. Brianna was born just short of 14
months after the doctor’s first child, JJ. A big congrats to their beautiful
and blessed family!

Mom, baby and the rest of the family are doing great. We are very
excited to share more pictures of the doctors growing family.

The entire staff at SLoop dental would like to thank our
wonderful patients who have been flexible and accommodating with our changing
schedule. Our new office hours can be found on the home page of our website.

“A second baby means double the cuteness, double the sweetness
and double the happiness in your family.”