FIFA Fever


U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

The World Cup has brought some, not so typical, soccer fever to the states! Fans all over the country have shown their support through viewing parties at parks, restaurants and bars.

Chicago has rallied around this team so much that the city has allowed viewing parties at Grant Park for the last couple matches. The fans have come out in overwhelming masses that the city decided to move the viewing party to Soldier Field!

With a country that is so obsessed with football, baseball and hockey, it’s nice to see the US Soccer team getting some serious support from Chi-Town and fans across the country!

Whether you’re a bandwagon fan, or have been a soccer fanatic since day one, sport your red, white and blue and cheer the US to victory! Even though we have been eliminated, this team has made huge strides for soccer fans in America!