Which Medicine Should I Take



Whether you are suffering from a toothache, headache, sore muscles or a fever, do you take the same trusty medicine?

If you are always reaching for your one cure all medication, there are some things you should consider. According to research, you should be taking symptom specific medicine so that you are targeting your discomfort with quickest and most affective result.

As stated in the infographic;

“All medicines are not created equal. Some, like Advil and Aleve, treat swelling and inflammation, while others, like Tylenol, only deal with pain and fever. Some studies suggest that certain drugs, like Aleve, are better at treating what’s known as hard-tissue inflammation, such as bone swelling, while others are more effective at reducing soft –tissue inflammation, like sore muscles and inflamed sinuses.”

Something to think about next time you’re in pain. Remember that not all medicine is created equal!