Why Are Mouth Guards Important?

Many of us associate mouthguards with Football. However, there are many other sports that can take advantage of the benefits that a mouthguard can provide. Some benefits include:

  • Full and proper coverage of teeth
  • Stays in place without biting down
  • Easier to breath, due to less bulk in unnecessary areas
  • Lasts longer
  • Custom decals and colors available

The obvious purpose is to protect the teeth. A proper fitting mouthguard also helps protects the jaw joint, and neck, by providing a cushion effect that absorbs the impact. It can even reduce the chance of a sports-related concussion. One misstep or an errant elbow on the basketball court could cause a serious injury resulting in the loss of a tooth. A mouthguard can also help runners, by keeping the jaw properly aligned, which can make breathing easier.  We all understand the dangers of riding your bicycle without a helmet. The same consideration should be given, when factoring the benefits of riding with a mouthguard. The lakefront path can be dangerous, especially when it’s crowded. Consider these tips, next time you’re on the bike path.

  • Let users know that you’re passing on the left.
  • Don’t block the trail if you stop or are going with a group.
  • Yield to others when entering, crossing or turning onto trails.
  • Be predictable, but expect other users to be unpredictable.

You should consider purchasing a custom sports mouthguard, over the store bought models. The mouth guards in the store tend to be bulky and can impede breathing. Here at Sloop Dental, we can make a custom impression and shape a mouth guard specifically for you. There are many additional benefits to purchasing a custom mouth guard, and Dr. Allen would be happy to discuss them with you!