Children’s Dental Health Month


The month of February is Children’s Dental Health Month. Every February, we, in the dental profession like to stress the importance of taking the initiative in your child’s oral hygiene.

Before your child even shows their first tooth, you should be considering their dental hygiene. Wiping the gums with a warm wash cloth after they’re done eating is a good habit to start. Also, make sure that you are not sending your baby to bed with a bottle full or milk or juice. This can cause “bottle rot” and wreak havoc on your child’s teeth.

Your child should start regular dental checkups and cleaning around age 3. This is a great way for your child to get in a routine about coming to the dentist. It’s easier to start habits and routines earlier in life. Also, encourage children to follow a wakeup and bedtime brushing routine.

As with most children, accidents are bound to happen. If they happen to bump their mouths or teeth, we encourage you to call the office to make an appointment. The dentist can evaluate your child to make sure no serious damage has been done or that any problems with their incoming teeth have been affected. If a tooth falls out, remove any debris immediately and place the tooth back in. If unable to do so, place the tooth in salt water or milk. Do not put the tooth in water.