Let it Snow

Happy New Year!

We all survived the holidays and 2014 is here! The new year brings on many things; new gym memberships, diets, money saving ideas, cracking down on bad habits and a heck of a lot of snow (…so far)!

As we all intend to create a healthier, more organized way of living in tact for an entire year, sometimes we fall off track. It’s difficult to promise yourself that you will stick to all your “new year, new you” plans.

Here’s a tip; focus on just one resolution. Look at the list of ideas you want to improve, put them in priority order and start from the top! You are less likely to fall off the wagon this way.

One resolution tip (we aren’t bias or anything); take charge of your oral health! This is a great start to improving your overall health. First step is getting in for a checkup and cleaning. Making that first appointment is a great way to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Be proactive instead of waiting for things to ache. It is more cost-effective to be on the proactive side of your health anyway. Also, most dental insurance plans renew at the beginning of each year. Just another reason to get things started.

The office and staff are happy to tackle another year. We hope 2014 brings joy, laughs, and maybe some bundles of joy to add to our families! Happy New Year!