The Giving Season

Christmas is upon us! As office parties carry on into the night and the final shopping days leave tough decisions on the season’s remaining gifts the stress of the holidays can take its toll.

Stress has many effects to include over indulging, trouble sleeping, and lack of attention to one’s own personal health. While controlling stress can be hard to do, its effects can be prevented or limited. Regular exercise is documented as the most effective way to combat the effects of stress, but it also important to maintain regular physician and dental check-ups to monitor your body’s signs of stress.

Oral health can be affected by stress just like the rest of your body and is often where signs of stress first appear. Canker sores appear from a stressed body as a result of a decreased immune system. Jaw pain and cracked teeth can occur from grinding and clenching of one’s teeth at night which is related to a restless night’s sleep. Cavities are also an indirect sign of stress. An increased amount of sugar intake is often seen by people in stressful times to help compensate for fatigue and a need for a quick source of energy. As we all know, sugar causes cavities and with an increase in sugar the opportunity for cavities to form increases exponentially.

Christmas time is one of the most magical times of year, and in the spirit of the season remember to give yourself the gift of health. Regular exercise, brushing and flossing, and a good night’s sleep for all.

We at Sloop Dental would like to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest of holidays!